McCloud Falls – Shasta Trinity region

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Lakes, waterfalls, walks, viewpoints… Mount Shasta, the well-kept secret in Northern California is packed with wow moments.

The McCloud River is one of Northern California’s most scenic and famous waterways and McCloud River Trail passes through beautiful waterfalls as it winds through a canyon of basalt lava rock. Though the McCloud River itself is beautiful, it is the trio of waterfalls that set the McCloud River Falls Trail apart from other trails in the Mount Shasta area.

The beautifully tiered McCloud Upper, Middle, Lower waterfalls and swimming holes are located just 4 hours north of San Francisco (up Highway 89). This is a great spot for photography or picnicking and are accessible in no time!

The main draw of the falls is that there is no entrance fee and all the three tiers of falls are accessible via driving or via walking one long path, we opted for the first option.

  • Its a 3.5 miles round trip loop if you are hiking
  • No real distance if you are driving

Many choose to take a swim or jump into the chilly water, while others eat their packed lunch on the rocks while taking in the falls. Whatever suits you more, but I personally found it to be a great hangout place in nature’s lap and a perfect way to spend your afternoon!

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