The Land of Fire and Ice – ICELAND

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” Halfway between New York and Moscow, just below the Arctic circle, lies this country of Land and Fire, a beacon of nature’s majesty and culture – ICELAND. It’s also quite possibly one of the strangest places that exist on earth and that’s precisely why we suggest you going there – to see the unworldly landscape and feel the nature’s fierce.”

When icebergs wash up on the shore, standing dazzling and defiant in stark contrast to the black sand beach…
@Diamond beach by Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon

Iceland is also called the land of the Midnight Sun where the sun remains visible throughout the night during summers. This next picture was taken at 11 pm…Can you believe it?!

A legend is connected to this waterfall – it is believed that behind it you can find a chest filled with gold and treasures and the first person who goes there will find great treasures.
@ Skógafoss waterfall 

Every nation in the world has something to be collectively proud of. When it comes to Iceland, be it the purest water in the world, cascading waterfalls, the summers of the midnight sun, the winters and their Northern Lights – the island has such a diverse array of natural wonders that anyone residing or visiting can’t help, but fall in awe.

Icelandic horses are just how Iceland likes to perceive itself: little but strong, intelligent and loved by all.
@somewhere on our way to Akureyri
We just love this one… notice the baby one 🙂
@somewhere in the Westfjords 

They say normally people tell stories with their eyes, hands and words. But not in Iceland. Here the stories are given by nature. We can’t wait to be there again!!

Wonders of blue ice formations and ridges
@Skaftafell Glacier

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