Aloha Hawaii!

YES, it’s a part of the country, but Hawaii feels worlds apart from any other part of the United States. It’s indeed a paradise born of fire, a tiny jewel sitting amidst north Pacific and yet known around the world for it’s beautiful blue waters and glorious golden sand.”

Hawaii is not a state of mind, but a state of grace.
– Paul Therox

Eight islands make up the state of Hawaii – Hawai`i (the Big Island), Maui, O`ahu, Kaua`i, Lanai, Molokai, Nihau and Kahoolawe . The four main ones are Hawai`i, Maui, O`ahu, and Kaua`i. Every single island is surreal and full of rich history. The landscapes are breathtaking, both above and below water.

Witness the most heavenly sunrise from 10000 feet up, in the clouds.
@Haleakalā National Park, Hawaii

Hawaii’s Big Island, also called the Island of Hawaii, the Big Island or Hawaii Island is the largest and the youngest of the whole Hawaiian islands and has still growing landmass due the volcanic activities. Nature’s elements collide spectacularly here and you can enjoy an array of things from the red molten lava flow to lush green sub-tropical forests.

Visit at just the right time (usually around 10am on a clear day and you’ll see a huge rainbow across the entire scene. We missed!
@Rainbow Falls, Hilo

Maui is often referred to as the Valley Isle.  This is because Maui is actually made up of two volcanoes with a bridge of flat land between them.  Maui used to be one big island, but as sea levels have risen the present-day geography has emerged, and now the valley that gives the island its nickname is all that remains. Interestingly, in Hawaiian mythology Māui was a trickster who created the Hawaiian Islands by having his brothers fish them out of the sea.

Towering emerald peaks guarding the lush valley floor…
@Iao valley state Park, Maui

Hula is the language of heart and therefore the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people. It’s a dance of illusions with grace and sway where a story unfolds with every movement – a hand gesture, step of foot, swaying of hips or flowing of hair…

May you have grace in you step, song in your hands and Aloha in you heart.
@Wailea Beach Resort, Marriott Maui

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