The mountains are calling and I must go… Colorado.

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“Do you ever dream of eloping in the mountains, running away into the deep wilderness, connecting and being-intimate with yourself…? Well I do! all the time… and every time I think of it, a flashback pops up – of the blue skies and gorgeous Rockies – of Colorado.”

Souls tended and Time suspended in the mountains.
@Pikes Peak

You have got to read some of what locals say about Colorado:

1. You know you’re in Colorado when your sense of direction is: “Towards the mountains or away from the mountains”.

2. Your state officially has more medical marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks stores (***Read: there are hippies everywhere).

3. You don’t like the weather? Wait 5 minutes and it will change. And oh! Shoveling a path to your grill is completely normal.

and many more…having been there I can vouch all of’em are so true.

Purple mountain majesties…

Behind only Hawaii, Colorado Is the second happiest state in the US according to overall satisfaction of the residents. Locals absolutely love it. When you are surrounded with healthiest and happiest people – endless mountains and valleys – hot springs – good music and good food – breathe in the freshest of air, what’s there not to like…?.

12000 Ft. above sea level.
@Rocky Mountain national park

For a mountain lover like me, Colorado is heavenly and divine. It refreshes my spirit and soothes my soul.

America’s highest suspension bridge
@Royal Gorge bridge

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